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New to lashes?! Don't worry, you'll love them! 

I take extra care to carefully apply each extension to create a look that you will love. Your natural lash health is most important to me, and I will only apply lengths and widths of extensions that your natural lashes can support. Every look is custom and based off of what you request and what your natural lashes can hold. Every result is unique, as no one else has lashes like yours!

PS - $1 from each appointment is donated to local charities supporting women

All full sets of lash extensions include a free lash cleanser and cleansing brush.


Classic Lash Extensions


Hybrid Lash Extensions


Volume Lash Extensions


Lash Removal

You're a classic!

One single extension is applied to one natural lash in a 1:1 ratio. Classic lashes enhance your natural lashes, providing length, curl, and fullness. The looks created can vary from natural to dramatic.

Full Set - $125

Fills - $70+

I can't decide!

A mix of classic and volume. A hybrid set is perfect for those that want more volume and fullness than a classic set can offer, but are not quite ready to go all the way!

Full Set - $155

Fills - $80+

You're FANtastic!

Thinner, lightweight lashes are made into fans (made of 2+ lashes) that are applied on to your natural lashes. Volume lashes create a full, soft, and fluffy look with a darker lash line. Va va volume!

Full Set - $175

Fills - $90+


Sometimes all good things must come to an end. When it is time to take off your lash extensions, it is very important to have them professionally removed and cleaned to avoid any damage an "at-home" removal could cause.


Lash Lift & Tint


Lash Tint with  Treatment


Add Ons

Lashes with less maintenance!

A multi-step process is used to achieve lifted and curled lashes. Each service includes a nourishing and thickening vitament treatment and tint. Every service is custom designed to you to ensure optimal resuls and the health of your natural lashes. Results will lash 6-8 weeks.


Simple, yet effective!

A quick service where your lashes will be treated to a nourishing and thickening vitament treatment and tinted black.

Recommended for those with naturally light lashes, or who feel their lashes could use some extra love.


Why not?

A few extras can be added to any service booked. Glitter lashes or a hydrating lip mask are  available as add-ons for $5.

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